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that father. wayne lapierre of the nra will be going to the white house, sorry, to the senate judiciary committee this week. what do you think of the reaction of these lobbyists to a father whose child has been murdered? >> well, leaving aside the fact that the hecklers have no idea what they're talking about in the sense that the second amendment in no way restricts the outlawing of assault weapons, this has to be a new low in the debate. the idea that you would desecrate the memory of the victims of newtown and insult their families. this shows just i think how extreme and outrageous the nra and i assume the hecklers were nra moles, how they've become. you consider that in the context of the other absurd statements they have made about martin luther king and the civil rights movement going after the president's children. contrast that with what the president is doing which you mentioned in the setup piece, which is meeting with law enforcement, and if you take a look back at what happened in 1994, the principal strategy of those who wanted to pass the assault weapons ban was to get wi
of the national rifle association. she says the nra came after her when she first proposed the assault weapons ban in 1990. >> the nra come after you, they put together large amounts of money to defeat you. they did this in '93 and intend to continue it. >> the nra disputes the characterization of the group, saying its power comes from, quote, more than four million dues-paying members. >>> if you like to shop, we have the place for you. a shopper's paradise in the east bay. the legendary shopping event that covers 96,000 square feet. first... >> never seen anything like this. >> ama: crazy weekend weather catches dozens of hikers offguard in arizona. how crews pulled off a rescue operation. >> leigh: i'm leigh glaser. a terrific day today. a lot of blue sky, but it was cold. we are going to warm up this upcoming work week. upcoming work week. we'll look at the se well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show the
is set to hold its first meeting on wednesday on gun control measures. the nra is -- the nra is vowing to defeat the man. >>> scientists at lawrence livermore lab are designing a high-tech suit that protects the wearer against chemical or biological attacks. the scientists are calling it the second skin. it's a fabric featuring microscopic tubes that can transform from a breathable state to a shield that blocks tiny molecules. >>> could be another couple of hours before power is restored to some 20 customers in palo alto after an underground vault fire. it happened around 4:30 this morning on dana avenue. neighbors say they heard a big boom and saw flames shooting out of a manhole. no one was hurt but power was knocked out to 600 customers at the height of the outage. the cause of the fire is under investigation. >>> the highway patrol is investigating the cause of a solo car crash in foster city that called three people including two young brothers from redwood city. the chp says five people were riding in the car when it lost control on eastbound highway 92 last night around 9:45. th
in the city. they are not hunting withins and not necessary for the defense. >> nra condemned proposal. gun bans do not work . we are confident that congress will reject senator feinstein wrong handed approach. susana huff aagrees. she say it does nothing to keep minute people safer and she knows first hand what it is like to be in the presence of a mad man with a fire arm. >> i didn't grow nup a house with guns. i don't hunt. but i was given a gun by a friend when i was 21 to carry in my purse for self defense and taught how to use it. a couple of yearrs ago, my parents and i went to a cafeteria in texas on a bright sunny day . we were not in a dark alley. >> that was susaba huff testifying two decades ago. and that bright sunny day was october 16th, 1991 when a man drove his pick up truck through the luby's cafeteria in keileen, texas. >> it took me 45 seconds to realize that this man was not there to commit a robbery or a hit. he was there to simply shoot as many people he could. >> susana did have a gun with her that day. >> when i finally realized i thought i got him and i reached for
so if we get that going maybe we will have a real chance with this. being around a lot of nra people is fascinating but yeah it's that's about it ladies and gentlemen. thanks for asking. i am actually going back next week monday and tuesday. this is part of the faith base team that will work with a lot of ministers who are dealing with the white house but i will be back wednesday night for the meeting but we will see what happens. thanks for asking. >> thank you dr. marshall. commissioner kingsley. >> we applaud your fine work dr. marshall and amen to everything that you said. as a seg way the commonwealth club of san francisco had a program this week on gun control issues in the state of california and san francisco, and our own -- our sergeant kelly john was there as a member of sfpd, and it was good to have somebody from law enforcement on that panel, and she did a terrific job. i also this month finished on behalf of the commission review offing our report. i wanted to let you know that and this is my third month so i don't know whether we're rotating quarterly or whether i
're not hunting weapons. they're not necessary for defense wednesday, why do we have them? >> the n.r.a. condemned the proposal saying and i quote, american people know gun bans do not work and we're confident that congress will reject senator feinstein's wrong-headed approach. suzanna hupp agrees, gun control for 20 years and says it it does nothing to keep innocent people safer and she knows firsthand what it's like to be in the presence of a madman with a firearm. >> i didn't grow up in a house with guns, i don't hunt. i personally abhor hunting, and i was given a gun when i was 21 to carry in my purse for defense and taught how to use it. a couple of years ago, my parents and i went on a sunny day, we weren't in a dark alley. >> she was testifying at a u.s. hearing almost two decades ago. that was october 16th, 1991 when a man drove his pickup truck through the window of luby's cafeteria in killeen, texas and began firing. >> it took me a good 45 seconds to realize that this person wasn't there to commit a robbery, he wasn't there for a hit. he was there to shoot as many people as possible as
in a magazine to 10. feinstein says a new poll shows strong support for an assault weapons ban. the nra has predicted the bill will not pass. >>> california law makers will consider how well the state's department ban is working during hearings. the department will see demonstrations of firearms that are illegal here. and gun rights groups. the hearings will happen tuesday morning at the capital in sacramento. >>> former republican vice presidential candidate paul ryan down played the question that he would be running for president. >> i have a job to do, i represent wisconsin. >> reporter: ryan said he's focusing on his work in congress. >> he is especially concerned about upcoming cuts known as sequester cuts that would slash the budget. >>> within the past hour, a bipartisan group of senators has announced that an agreement has been reached on the principals to overhaul the nation's immigration reform. an estimated 11,000 people are in the country illegally. >>> the nation of brazil is in mourning after a fire broke through a club. the club was at twice its maximum capacity at the time o
. look at the way that everyone reacted with the n.r.a. ad when they said president obama's daughters have armed guards. that is fact. people went nuts because they love him so deemly in the media world they cannot possible question him. so, they come out this morning on cbs this morning, the political director who writes about how obama needs to strangle the republicans, came on and said, this interview, you know, this was a good way after the tough hearing on benghazi, a good way, a good image for hillary clinton to end the tenure with. that is their job, to be a cleanser for her career? >> thank you, there were recommendations by dickerson he should go after the g.o.p. and pulverize, he said, and in the interview we even had cbs sunday morning with a law professor talking about throwing out the constitution, forget, it doesn't need to be used. i thought there would be a hard question when he said, well, to hillary clinton, you had a tough time on the hill, and i thought he was going after her and he asked questions but learn do how he phraseed it. >> you had a long day, also, how i
americans, including the nra, would agree with them, i would think. >> what about putting a limit on clips, magazine clips and an assault weapons ban, assault-type weapons ban? >> i've not seen how that would improve the situation at all. >> meaning as far as the clips or the assault weapon? >> either. >> so you don't see a need for tighter legislation? in other words, reducing the number of bullets, for example, from 100 down to 10, which is what senator feinstein's recommending? >> i think the burden of proof has to be on those who want such a thing. a second thing is i would point out in norway where a mass killing took play they had the strictest gun control laws in the world. handguns are the ones that commit the majority of crimes in our metropolitan cities in america now. perhaps we're chasing after the wrong rabbit. >> what, if anything, would you do as far as tightening up, if you want to tighten up, guns, gun control in the country right now? >> obviously, tighten up controls in either way to keep the guns out of the hands of criminals, including looking seriously at the so-calle
the president have a conversation with the survivalist wing of the nra in. >> that's the point. you look at gun control and budgetary issues, the president's strategy is to fight with the interest groups, fight with the mainstream of the republican party and to try to ply away maybe some faction of the center right or the people heviews as the reasonable republicans and conservatives and make it politically unpalatable with them to continue to hang out with the nra. >> you can say the survivalist wing of the nra. >> that's very important. there are millions out there that believe in what the nra believe in on a lot of issues but not on high capacity magazines, not on assault weapons. >> that's one of the big questions of this whole second term is how much obama can use the office of the presidency to really take what i think is a center, common sense position on gun control, immigration, any of these issues and really push through legislation in congress. i think it's clear from this interview he views that as his role, to use the power of the presidency and rhetoric do that. my question is how
americans are behind her. >> sandy hook, i think, really destroys all of the kind of tails that the nra are trying to weave about, you know, young people and guns. >> president obama revealed in an interview with the new republican, he takes guests skeet shooting at camp david all the time and that quote, i have a profound respect for the traditions of hunting that is back in this country for generations and those who dismiss that out of hand make a big mistake. >> we heard from one of those hunters, congressman paul ryan. >> let's go beyond this debate and go deeper, and what's going on with mental illness and i hop we don't skip past that and recycled ideas failed in the past. >> and congressman marsha blackburn suggested that banning assault weapons had not prevent mass murder. >> do a so-called assault weapons ban is going after a symptom and as teachers have said to me, don't focus on whatever is the weapon, get to the root cause. >> senator feinstein said today she doesn't expect a vote on her proposed gun control legislation for a while. harris. >> harris: peter, thank you. also,
that mother, not the nra, not the gun makers, not the right wing pun dants. we should listen to a mother who lost all four of her children, her son, rodney, now joins the list of more than 1300 people gunned down just since the newtown massacre last month. we must build a nation where people are valued more than partisan politics. where flesh and blood means more than dollars and cents. we can not have a
're looking at significant pushback from gun rights advocates like the nra, they're trying to build some support with law enforcement behind some of the proposals that president has recently put out, ashleigh. that includes background checks, making them universal so e6b if there's private sales that people have to go through a background check to purchase a gun. and also the reinstatement of the assault weapons ban and try and limit the high capacity magazines as well as making more resources available for mental health. they're trying to build some support. that's really what this meeting happening this hour at the white house is all about. >> we can call them officials but from that -- from those particular jurisdictions you can bet that will be very emotional at the white house. brianna keilar, thank you. my thanks to dana bash, as well. >>> reminder to you as well, folks, this thursday night anderson cooper has a very special "ac 360" town hall special. it's going to be the examination of the second amendment and the push for gun control. can there be a solution to america's gun pro
, for example, the overwhelming majority not only of the american public, not only of gun owners, but of nra members are in favor of those measures. those measures have nothing to do with taking away the second amendment right to bear arms. so, you know, what's happening is the conversation that's being projected out to popular culture is really just a conversation on the extremes. the overwhelming majority of the american public supports these solutions. the only place where it's really an evenly split partisan political debate is in the halls of congress. that's what we need to change. the president at every turn has underscored his administration's deep belief and respect for the second amendment and for gun owners. and the interview that you were just quoting is yet another example of it. we just need to, you know, educate the american public and inspire the american public to make their voice heard on the issue. because as the president said when he announced his administration's recommendations from the task force, you know, the only way we're going to create change is if the american
. >> -- rifles. >> given that, that's what the nra says. >> right. >> door to door take your guns, boom, boom boom, boom action boom. but given that pair knownranoia and the gun culture that we live in do you think there is any chance obama can get his gun violence measures through this congress? >> it's tough. but public opinion supports these things. public opinion strongly sports tighter background checks and limiting the capacity of the magazines. it supports to a lesser extents, an assault weapons ban. the politic is on his side. it depends upon whether that can be homized. can the gun control public be mobilized? >> the big question. and, you know, will democrats, will obama and other democrats work hard to do that mobilization? >> i saw senator feinstein. she knows it's an uphill battle. but she is determined to get it done. she called the nra, venal. a great word. >> this is "the bill press show." going to do the young turks. i think the number one thing that viewers like about the young turks is that we're honest. they know that i'm not bs'ing them with s
pierre, the nra's executive vice president. these two will face one another wednesday during a senate judiciary hearing, according to the website, called what should america do about gun violence. but, it will feel like debate deja vu for capitol hill watchers because those two run opposite sides, this was back in the early 1990s when this first assault weapons ban passed. that, as you know, has since expired. their arguments are coming back to life. we went into the archive and found feinstein and lapierre from two decades ago. >> you also, at some point, have got to say, enough is enough. otherwise when the nra will not say that you should not permit the civilian sale of bazookas, what we're talking about is a weapon crafted for war, that floats around the streets of our cities, that puts our police in a position of being outgunned by the bad guys, that has kids killing kids with them. >> more regulations on honest people that a million times a year honest people use a gun in this country to defend themselves from criminals, the system will not control. >> what legitimate gun owner would -- w
. so, already, chris, in response to that the nra came out and said something to the effect of, the second amendment isn't about hunting traditions, it's about a constitutional right and you know, they don't seem satisfied with the skeet shooting at camp david. >> no, and the other thing, if you pars out the sentence it's not how often the president goes skeet shooting. it would be interesting, maybe do a demonstration and he could go out and he and john boehner could do a rack of clay pidgeons and see who comes out on top. >> megyn: can you imagine what would happen if he did that. john kerry tried to get himself a picture with the ducks and lost endlessly, they're not-- >> the ducks were killed. and the president demonstrating i'm not against the family traditions of hunting and not allowing the fact that a lot of people do hunting, but not against the tradition of hunting, but people on the pro second amendment side of this say this has nothing to do with killing birds or shooting clay pidgeons, this has everything to do with tyranny and the government and individuals and em
for bans on some weapons but the nra says it will not pass. >>> the public safety committee tomorrow will fee demonstrations of firearms that are illegal here in california. lawmakers will also hear testimony from police, by researchers, advocates working against gun violence and also gun rights groups. >>> it is 8:15. in just over three hours, we'll hear from the senators who say they have the solution to fight immigration. kyla campbell is live in washington, d.c. where democrats and republicans are unveiling their four-step plan. >> reporter: in a series of events this week implies immigration reform could be the first big legislate chive action of the new year. a quick synopsis come out today. they want reform to boost our economy. they plan to punish employers who hire illegal imment grass. senators want -- immigrants. senators want americans to have first dibs on jobs. democrats and republicans involved believe they will have enough support to pass this legislation and it's in both parties' interest to do so. democrats need to follow through on promises they made to the latinos
destroys all of the kind of tales that the nra is trying to weave about young people and guns. guns are positive things in the climate of america. >> reporter: feinstein of course was the author of the 199 assault weapons ban which was not renewed after it expired 10 years later, jamie. jamie: the one we've been hearing most about is the vice president who has been leading the administration's push for these new gun laws. what is he up to? >> reporter: biden is a former prosecutor. he is the author of violence against women act. he held a couple events last week including google plus hankout and roundtable at virginia commonwealth university. his criticism of assault weapons that they put police at disadvantage. cops find themselves outgunned. new york city police commissioner ray kelley said he would like an assault weapons ban but he said handguns is the big problem. >> we don't want them on the streets, make no mistake about it. but the problem is the handgun. 60% of the murders in new york city are caused by handguns and we've simply have too many of them. >> reporter: in an int
that the nra is trying to weave about young people and guns, guns are positive things, in the climate of america. >> she admits her bill will be a tremendous uphill climb. there is tremendous assistance not only from republicans, but red state democrats, many of whom are facing reelection two years from now. adding to the confusion, are these comments from police chief ray kelly who said over the past two years, only 2% of the people arrested in new york city for gun-related violence had assault weapons. here is kelly. >> we don't want them on the streets. make no mistake about it, but the problem is the hand gun, 60% of the murders in new york city are caused by hand guns and we have too many of them. >> it gets underway at 11:15. we'll keep you apprised. back to you. >> gretchen: thanks very much for that update from the white house. >> steve: about a half hour ago we talked to the sheriff of milwaukee county, david clark, junior. he had started running a 30-second psa where essentially he says, i need you in the game, people out there in milwaukee. it talks about how with officers
Search Results 0 to 35 of about 36 (some duplicates have been removed)